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Puffy Sidewalk “Chalk” For Hours Of Play While You Fast

Puffy Sidewalk

This is a great activity because it combines chalk play with a unique and original activity of creating the material. Your kids will love the hands-on experience and the vibrant colors that they create. And the best part is that once they are finished creating, the fun just begins!


Puffy Sidewalk Paint

Move over, chalk! Have fun painting the driveway and sidewalks with puffy paint made from household items.


1 cup flour
1 cup water
1 tablespoon dish soap
Food coloring or washable paint


Squeeze bottles
Large bowl


1. Whisk together the flour and water until no lumps remain. Add in the dish soap and whisk again.

2. Pour in the food coloring or washable paint until desired color is achieved.

3. Pour the mixture into a squeeze bottle and have fun!

Note: Use within the day. Puffy paint can explode if left for too long.

Be careful where you use puffy chalk. It takes a while for it to come off, so select an area of pavement for play that you don’t mind having marked up for awhile.

If you use washable paint, it should come out of clothing, but to be on the safe side, have the kids wear clothes you don’t mind getting stained.

Photography by Sara Goldstein