Kosher Wines

Secrets of Global Winemakers

Kosher.com Staff March 18, 2021

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The seasoned winemakers that partner with Royal Wine share tasting notes of their spotlight wines and invite us in for a glimpse at what goes on behind the scenes at the some of the top kosher wineries in the world. These videos were part of the virtual KFWE experience in February 2021 and feature global wineries. Lucky for you they are now available for all to enjoy (just in time for Passover)!


If you are interested in Israeli wineries, watch the videos HERE!


Capcanes Winery


Chateau de Santaney


Chateau Giscours


Chateau Montviel


Covenant Winery




Hagafen Cellars


Sforno Winery


Terra di Seta Winery