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Shabbat Menu- Cooking with Summer Herbs

Shabbat Menu- Cooking with Summer Herbs

The days following any Yom Tov (especially in quarantine) make me feel like it’s a good time for a project like purging my closets, baking sourdough, or growing an herb garden. I actually did two of the three (my closets are beckoning). One of the first places I ventured out (masked and gloved) after Pesach was the garden nursery to buy vegetable plants.

We have yet to see the vegetables, but our herbs are thriving. Cooking and eating with home-grown herbs adds incomparable freshness, and I’m here for it! Check out our herb-focused menu below that you will absolutely love for this week’s Shabbat meals!

Shabbat Shalom!



Chimichurri Mushroom Salad by Michal Frischman

A delicious, fragrant, and easy to make salad that will certainly wow your Shabbat table!


Creamy Herb Chicken Cutlets by Brynie Greisman

Quick, easy, and refreshingly different. Superb flavor. You’re going to love it.


Maple-Herb Split Minute Roast by Michal Frischman

A flavorful meat for Shabbat that is so simple to make in just a few easy steps!


Chimichurri Potatoes by Zehava Krohn


Roast baby potatoes smothered in herbs; a delicious and fresh take on the classic supper side dish.


Mixed Quinoa and Pistachio Pilaf by Faigy Grossman

This dish packs a lot of flavor. It’s a great-tasting side that is pretty and presentable for the Shabbat table.


Limonana Sorbet by Brynie Greisman

Limonana is a frosty summer beverage that’s a classic favorite. It’s a sweet, refreshing slushy drink made with lemon and mint and will be sure to please all!