How to Make the Cutest Mini Place Card Paintings for Shavuot

Lisa Dvorin April 26, 2021

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Make your family’s Shavuot extra meaningful and beautiful with mini place card paintings! You can paint Har Sinai, Luchot, flowers, or perhaps you have some other ideas, too!  This is a wonderful art project for kids and a great way to get them involved in planning Shavuot with you and making everything extra special for your family and guests.
 Here’s What You Will Need:

  • 110 lb. white cardstock – This is a thicker cardstock (65 lb. is the most common cardstock) and therefore sturdier and less likely to bend. I used Springhill.
  • Craft Bond glue stick – You can, of course, use pretty much any glue, although liquid glue can sometimes ooze out and get a bit messy.  This glue stick was very easy to use, and the name plates adhered and stayed in place perfectly.



Decide what you want to paint!  Try Googling “Shavuot” or “Har Sinai” and look through the images to get some inspiration. Maybe you want to paint different scenes, or maybe they’ll all be the same.  Be creative!


Using a pencil, lightly sketch your soon-to-be painting on each mini canvas. This will make things much easier when it’s time to paint.


Using acrylic paints, paint each Shavuot scene on the mini canvases.


Allow the paint to dry for several hours.


For the name plates (which will be glued to the front of the easels), you can either handwrite each name on small pieces of cardstock paper (about 3.5 x .75 inches) or you can print it from your computer. For the name plates in these examples, I made them using Canva and printed them on 110 lb. white cardstock paper.


Run the Craft Bond glue stick over the horizonal wood piece in the front middle of each easel and then adhere each paper name plate to that area.


Place each mini painting into an easel with a name plate and then put them on your Shavuot table in front of each place setting.

Chag Sameach!