Shabbat Menu- Root Vegetables

Kosher.com Staff February 14, 2021

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As an intro to fall and cold weather, we felt that root vegetables would be highly appropriate. It’s our way of suggesting that we look at the weather cup as half full, and try to draw a silver lining over whatever circumstance you’re in. You’ve heard from food writers countless times that you should get inspired by the produce in the marketplace—and we support that.

We wanted to take it one step further. It’s about working with what is available to you and coming out with the best possible result. Root vegetables are starting to sing this time of year, and we have the recipes to make them sound (and taste) even sweeter.


Happy Cooking

Chanie Nayman


Easy Vegetable Soup from the Dining In Cookbook



Who knew soup could be this easy, delicious, and nutritious?


Slow Cooker Autumn Beef Stew by Jamie Geller


Busy week? Slow cooker to the rescue. There are so many slow cooker recipes out there for weekday meals, but this one is nice enough for Shabbat dinner.


Chicken Stuffed with Root Veggies by Rivki Rabinowitz

Here is a slight twist on our favorite chicken recipe. Perfect for dinner, Shabbat, or holiday menus.


Celery Root and Walnut Slaw by Renee Muller

This is a great and different cabbage substitute. For those who love trying something new!


Roasted Celery Root and Zucchini by Chaia Frishman

If you’re looking for a healthy and different side dish, definitely give this one a try!


Fully-Loaded Hot Chocolate Chip Cups by Estee Kafra

Everybody loves freshly baked cookie dough, which is what makes this dessert so popular! Have fun with it and add your favorite toppings inside.