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Take One! Simple Ideas for Instantly Cute Party Favors for Your Little Guy’s Upsherin

Take One! Simple Ideas for Instantly Cute Party Favors for Your Little Guy's Upsherin

by Hendy Schonberger and Libby Friedman



It doesn’t take a lot of work to assemble sweet pekelach (party favors) to excite your little man (and all his guests!) on his upsherin day.


Be inspired by a candy bar wrapper. Pick your color scheme according to the color of your son’s favorite candy bar. Mix and match steel and clear buckets, whether you bring the color in using candy or an interior pouch. 



A giant paper clip can make even a simple brown paper bag look adorable.



 All you need is a number or letter sticker and some twine to complete your gift tag.



Pekelach don’t all need to be the same, especially if you are hosting an upsherin seudah in your home and will have them on display before little guests take them on the way out. As long as the colors coordinate, mixing up two or three varieties of goodie bags is fun and interesting.   




Attractive cupcake holders (stiffer than the thin paper cupcake liners) make great pekelach. Insert a square of foam inside the cupcake holders to hold lollipops and other treats on a stick (leave them open or tie them up in cellophane).



Fill clear tumblers with a treat in one or two colors. You can also use plastic drink cups with a lid for the same effect.




Imagine lots of giant lollies all stacked up on a table? Sometimes, just one special treat is very sweet. 




Lego boxes are a pricier option, but they’re effortlessly cute. It’s a great idea if you’re hosting a smaller event with close family and friends, or visiting a small cheder class and don’t need a large quantity.




Stackable clear boxes always make treats look tempting, while simultaneously contributing to the decor when you’re hosting. For an affordable DIY alternative to lucite, attach a square of colored paper inside the lid of a plastic box (available online or at craft stores).





Photos by Miriam Pascal 

Vendor Credits: For more information about the packages featured here, contact Hendy and Libby of Wrap-it-Up (914) 420-6232

This article originally appeared in Ami Living magazine.