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Family Table’s Testing 123: Pizza Slicers

Esther Kurtz May 1, 2024

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This article was originally created for and published in Mishpacha Magazine.

Any Way You Slice It

I can’t quite figure out why everyone, kids and adults alike, LOOOOOVE using pizza slicers. Is it because we love pizza, and watching the guy behind the counter in the pizza store thwack and slice is a love language? Whatever hypnotism is behind the love, they’re not all created equally.

Wobbly handles, lack of precision, cheese pulling, not cutting all the way through — these are problems we’ve all dealt with. Question is, do you have to?

The right pizza slicer should bring a few key qualities to the table. First off, it should feel comfortable in your hand, with a sturdy grip that gives you confidence as you glide through your pizza. It should offer effortless cutting power, making light work of even the thickest crusts. And let’s not forget about precision — those slices should be clean, straight, and uniform, sparing you the jagged or misshapen pieces while your kids look on, glaring daggers at you.

I tested a range of top-rated options, from classic designs to innovative newcomers. I sliced through a variety of pizzas, from thin to deep-dish, as well as baked goods (‘cuz that’s another high usage of pizza cutters) to see which slicer could conquer them all. I examined their blades, handles, and overall durability to determine which one delivers slicing satisfaction.

Testing, Testing

1. I held it in my hand, feeling for weight and comfort. I also stuck it in my drawer to see how much space it took up.

2. I baked biscotti and sliced the baked loaf to see how thinly I could slice it and whether the ends stayed intact or crumbled.

3. I made homemade pizza and deep-dish pizza to evaluate how much exertion was needed at the crusts, how it cut through the bottom, and most importantly, if it pulled the cheese along with it.


Price: $9.99

Notes: Comfortable to hold. The design, with the wheel mostly covered, makes it difficult to cut deep doughs. It pulled the cheese on regular pizza. Knocked the ends off the biscotti.

Stars: 3.5

KitchenAid Classic

Price: $8.49

Notes: Comfort was NOT a priority. It dragged the cheese a little in regular pizza, and a lot in deep dish. Cut biscotti cleanly.

Stars: 4.2


Price: $21.75

Notes: Very comfortable. Sliced pizza cleanly and easily. Got a little stuck on the lip of the deep dish. Cut fine biscotti slices but did mess up some ends. Pricey.

Stars: 4.6


Price: $15.95

Notes: Slice not as thin as others, losing a lot of biscotti tips. Comfortable but heavier than others. Pulled the cheese on pizza. Cut the deep dish easily.

Stars: 4

Rock and Roll

Price: $6.99

Notes: Sliced biscotti thinly and cleanly. Lightweight, easy to use. Plastic — so no toiveling. Sliced pizza cleanly. Pulled the cheese slightly on the deep dish.

Stars: 4.8

Love This Kitchen

Price: $15.97

Notes: Cuts very thinly and cleanly. Pulled a little on the biscotti ends. Worked perfectly on regular pizza and deep dish. It’s huge, looks like it belongs in your husband’s toolbox.

Stars: 4.5

Overall Winner: Rock and Roll

This one surprised me! I guess I should trust rave Amazon reviews after all. It did everything it was supposed to do exceptionally, it’s comfortable to hold and use, doesn’t require toiveling, and it’s cheap!

Fun Fact: Pizza cutters were originally designed and patented to cut wallpaper.

Side Note: Spray your pizza cutter with nonstick spray before using to minimize cheese and topping pull.

Shout-out to my sister-in-law Chana for putting up the biscotti dough and insisting I try out her no-rise dough recipe and buying all the ingredients. And writing down all my notes and observations! (She says it was fun…)