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The Art of Winemaking

The Art of Winemaking

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At Herzog Wine Cellars, our winemaking is centered around one idea: “Let the grapes speak for themselves.” Each grape has a story to tell, and it is the art of the winemaker to draw these flavors out.


In California, the Herzog family raised 12 select varietals in a secluded portion of their vineyard. Each vine imparts unique qualities, and their grapes were blended together to reach a perfect balance.



This practice is an ancient one, reminiscent of the original Bordeaux winemakers. Selecting the best of the vines, understanding the unique qualities of grapes, and carefully curating a field blend, this is the heart of Herzog Lineage Choreograph.


A seamless dance of 12 grape varieties –– harvested from Prince Vineyard vines and fermented and aged into a single, unique wine. Choreograph is a bold red, with notes of candied cherry, rose petal, Asian pear, and blackberry. It holds a complex flavor of tannins, and its textured finish shows hints of leather, anise, and toasted pine nut. Enjoy!



–– Head winemaker at Herzog Wine Cellars, Joe Hurliman