The Best Chol Hamoed Dinner (In Minutes!)

Kosher.com Staff April 10, 2023

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Now that the first days of Passover are over, we all have one thing on our minds, Chol Hamoed!

We’ve got some amazing trip ideas here, but if you’re looking for a fun and easy dinner idea, then fries, a burger, and a chocolate shake is the way to go.

For most of us, burgers and fries were on the menu anyway. By adding a parve milkshake you’re taking dinner to a whole new level (in such an easy way).

Pick up some kosher for Passover buns, grill your favorite burger recipe, bake some frozen fries, and whip up a milkshake in minutes (substitute parve counterparts where necessary).

There’s just something extra fun about dipping your fries into a milkshake.

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Photography by Sara Goldstein