The Best Stores For Back To School Savings

Goldy Buxbaum August 10, 2023

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“Back to School” makes you cringe no matter how well or how early it’s marketed. It makes you think of pressure, rigid schedules, packing lunches, and shopping for school supplies.

Even for those who crave routine and schedule, it doesn’t give off those fun and exciting vibes like an advertisement for all your pool essentials.

With all this negative talk, it’s only fair to imbue you with positivity.

The new school year brings along the perk of the opportunity for new beginnings. There’s nothing more liberating than starting the year with a clean slate.

The most apropos way of doing that is stocking up for the new school year, loading your shopping carts, and spending as little as possible.

The sweet smell of savings.

You can’t resist a hard bargain if you’re even 1/18th Jewish on your maternal grandfather’s side.

6 stores that carry school supplies you should check out before checking out:

1. Walmart


They’re the king of bargains.

There’s nothing they don’t carry.

From basic supplies to backpacks to laptops to uniforms, lunchboxes, and more, it’s highly improbable you’d need to make another stop elsewhere.

They conveniently dedicated a back-to-school section on their website, making it irresistible to just add to the cart. Need one, five, or two thousand eight hundred seventy-three pieces of an item? No problem, simply hit the plus sign until you reach your desired amount.

They even have over one thousand school supplies for under $1. It makes you doubt inflation for a nanosecond.

2. Target

My personal favorite.

Besides all their amazing bargains, they also stock their store with the coolest school supplies.

They carry an array of fun pencil cases, cool notebooks, and funky binders.

You can visit a store, a great way to fill those endless days between camp and school.

You can shop online and have it shipped to your home.


Shop online and have it ready for pickup. It’s like having your own personal shopper.

Feel boujee shopping at Tarjay.

3. Amazon

The world runs on Amazon, sorry, Dunkin’ Donuts.

Amazon is always seven steps ahead of everyone else. They have the most brilliant ways of making it a no-brainer purchase. Look at this bundle; it gives you thirty pieces for fourteen dollars.

Do the math, or use this calculator for assistance. (You need it for algebra, anyhow.)

That comes out to under fifty cents an item.

That’s not all. Amazon also carries quite an extensive line of backpacks for all ages, budgets, and styles.

You’d be surprised how chic a backpack can be for the price of a pizza.

4. Staples

Their name says it all – all the basics and then some. Staples carries it all.

Like all the brands mentioned above, they also have their specials.

To make the shopping experience easier, they divided their products by grade:

Grades K-2

Grades 3-5

Grades 6-8

Grades 9-12

Doubtful they have it all?

It would be remiss not to mention Staples’s specialty is school and office supplies.

They don’t only carry basic supplies. They have all the tech needed for school as well. Such as laptops, tablets, and anything else you may need for a successful school year.

5. Dollar General

The most inflation-busting store if there ever was one. Believe it or not, there are still things to buy for a dollar.

It’s an anomaly when compared to the current retail trends.

That said, there’s so much you can buy there and probably should, especially if your children tend to lose their supplies on the first day of school.

(Not pointing any fingers)

Let’s get shopping:

Pencils, folders, crayons, sharpeners, and glue sticks – get them all as a starting point.

It’s worth checking the entire site. What you can get there is truly surprising.

6. Wholesale School Supplies

When you start putting together your children’s school supply lists and all the nuanced specifics of what each teacher needs, you contemplate renting a U-haul truck just to get it all into the house.

I believe you can quickly fill the truck with the thirty-nine different product categories.

The best part is, their products are cheap.

Think of those last-minute panic moments as the bus is coming down the block, and that’s when your third grader is hyperventilating because her teacher said she must have her scissors in class.

It’s not a problem, because you stocked up. You effortlessly hand your third grader new scissors as she’s heading onto the bus.

Their products aren’t boring; they have real fun designs. These notebooks are cute—and they have enough scissors to resupply the entire school district. They also have these fun print-styled pencil cases that are compatible with binders.

So many choices and many more options can make your head spin like a dreidel. Find the website and products that work best for you. May it be budget, quantity, or shipping time.

Never forget what an awesome parent you are: sourcing and buying the best school supplies for your children in hopes of giving them the confidence to the most successful school year yet.

Whatever you buy, it’s perfect.

Get the party ready. Graduation is just a sneeze away!

As Slay Copy Inc.’s founder, Goldy Buxbaum helps business service providers reach more clients by combining business strategy with web writing. Check her out on Linkedin to see how you can grow your business.