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The Easiest Way To Decorate Cookies For Shavuot!

Rachel Kor May 8, 2021

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So your kids want to bake and decorate cookies, but between the 20 bowls of different color icing and the 1,276,798 number of sprinkles that typically fall on the floor, you’re probably dreading the mess.


Well, there’s finally a new cookie decorating method in town that you’ll be happy to get behind.

It’s an easy, fun, no-mess technique using royal icing. Plus, the cookies will actually come out looking beautiful.

Want to know the secret?

Mini plastic squeeze bottles!


Simply fill each squeeze bottle with a different color royal icing, and let the kids (or yourself) have at it. It’s seriously so easy and fun!


In case you’re unfamiliar with royal icing, it’s icing that stays super shiny and hard when it dries. It’s typically used for intricate designs on cookies or cakes. 


With Shavuot coming up, I used Torah cookie cutters, but feel free to get creative with shapes for any time of year!


Have fun, and Chag Sameach!