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The Nutritious, Quick, No-Cook Lunch We’ve All Been Waiting For!

The Nutritious, Quick, No-Cook Lunch We’ve All Been Waiting For!

Sponsored by Heaven & Earth



We recently published an article, “10 Nutritious Lunch Ideas That Take Minutes,” to help you tackle your lunch game. While the article was in the works I was told that I must include Heaven and Earth’s Instant Quinoa bowls — an amazing new product that is delicious, healthy, and requires no cooking. I looked into the product a bit more, read the great reviews for it online, and was really excited to feature it in the article. I was even sent a few samples to taste. I kept hearing rave reviews so I had a feeling it was something special.



It wasn’t until this week that the brilliance of this product really hit me, though. Perhaps it was just coincidence, but recently it’s been a struggle to find the time to make myself (and the rest of my stay-at-home family) nutritious lunches without it taking up too much of my time. A fellow member of the team texted me in excitement, asking if I received the samples of the quinoa bowls yet. I hadn’t because all my packages need to quarantine just like the rest of us (you feel me?), but it was almost like the universe was sending me reminders to taste them already, so I decided to open one and give it a try. I saw pictures online, but oh my gosh were these little cups adorable. I immediately went into my husband’s office to show him how cute they were — he completely agreed.



Here’s why they’re so amazing!


1. There is no meal prep required. I don’t know about you, but meal prepping some quinoa on a Sunday isn’t always so easy. The quinoa in this bowl is already cooked, no pot of boiling water or even a microwave required. Think about that for a second. A TRULY nutritious and filling ingredient like quinoa with a separate cup of delicious toppings, ready in a cute little cup waiting for you whenever you please. 


2. They are shelf-stable, which makes them perfect for vacations, day trips, picnics, storing in the pantry, or even bringing to the office and keeping in your desk drawer! 




3. There are 4 delicious flavorsTomato, Mango and Hearts of Palm Piquillo Sauce, Zucchini and Onion Bruschetta, Tomato Bruschetta, and Tomato and Jalapeño Pepper. Each one is delicious and has its own flavor profile, so you won’t get tired of them!


4. Lastly, and perhaps minor to some, but if you live for the small details like me then the adorable mini sporks they come with are (hello!) very much welcome. I mean, what if you’re sitting in the park or in the car and realize you forgot your fork? Heaven and Earth’s got your back! Perfect for all the busy people who can’t think about packing that fork.


So, coming from a real person, who is busy with the daily grind just like each of you, don’t let this product sit and quarantine in the corner of your mind. Take advantage, help yourself, grab this and go.