Keep Your Kids Engaged at the Seder with This Trivia Game

Rena Tuchinsky March 26, 2018

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It can always be a challenge to get kids excited about the Seder. But this year, the challenge has taken on new heights. Kids are already feeling cooped up, and may be missing the friends and family they are used to seeing on Pesach. Here’s a great way to engage them in the Seder that’s fun and will keep the laughs coming no matter how many people are at your Seder table!



DIRECTIONS: Choose a category among the 4 choices. Note: The higher the number, the more difficult the question/item, but the more points one can earn. If a contestant gets a question/item wrong, there is a penalty; the contestant loses the amount of points for that particular category. For example, if a contestant selects a question from Category 3, but answers incorrectly, s/he would lose 3 points.


The winner is the one with the most points at the end of the predesignated time period or when all questions/items are exhausted.


Note that there are only 20 questions per category. Once a contestant selects a particular question and gets it right, that question can no longer be chosen by another contestant. If a contestant answers incorrectly, the Leader of the Game will call on another volunteer, should they request to give a response. But if the answer is incorrect, s/he too will lose points. (You might want to limit Category 1 only for the children; If that’s the case, award them 2 points for each correct answer).


Download the PDF here!


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