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The Prettiest Paper Goods For Chanukah (All From Amazon!)

Rachel Kor November 22, 2023

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There are eight nights of Chanukah and, for some of you, multiple parties. We don’t know about you, but we are not planning on washing eight nights’ worth of dishes. Some holidays may warrant real plates (we’ll leave that up to each of you), but Chanukah? No thanks.


We found the most beautiful paper goods that are just perfect for Chanukah. From modern and elegant to kid-friendly and fun, we know you’ll find something that fits your taste perfectly.


Bonus! All of the items below can be purchased on Amazon so you know they’ll arrive on time, and for many of them there won’t even be any walking tirelessly down all the aisles of the party store trying to find plates and napkins that match.


The following article contains affiliate links. We may make a small commission from any purchases made from the links on this page.


The 12 Prettiest Paper Goods for Chanukah (All from Amazon)


1. Royal Blue Gold Dot Dinnerware Party Set


There’s nothing more traditional than decorating with blue and gold for a Chanukah party. This set comes with matching plates, cups, napkins, and even utensils, so there’s no searching the internet for matching cups or napkins. Together, this set will make your party look super cohesive.



2. Occasions Baby Blue Scalloped Plates


Looking for a lighter, more feminine look for your Chanukah party this year? These scalloped plates will fit the bill perfectly. They are a super popular design- we’ve used them ourselves multiple times in the past for Chanukah.




3. Harlow And Grey Malibu Blue Watercolor with Gold Hexagonal Plates


Looking for a more modern look? Go for this watercolor effect. We love this design so much that we featured it in the tablescape in the cover photo of this article. Looks perfectly clean, modern, and still festive.





4. Hioasis Blue and Silver Set


This set is for those who want a dramatic look. It’s perfect for winter and will give a very stylish, regal effect to your Chanukah gathering.




5. Laura Stein Designer Dinnerware Set


We’re recommending this one for the mix-and-match effect it offers. This would look so pretty on a bold patterned tablecloth for a super stylish look. Or you can, of course, tone this down with a simple white or cream tablecloth and go for a more classic, subdued feel.




6. Chic Leaf Bamboo Plates


These plates are not only an amazing eco-friendly find, but they are also perfect for those looking for a more rustic or earthy look. Plus, food looks amazing on these plates!




7. Flowercat Green and Gold Plasticware


If you’re tired of the “Chanukah blue” but don’t want to veer too far, this green and gold set is the perfect choice.





8. Chanukah Festival of Lights Disposable Set


Sometimes a good ‘ole menorah or dreidel graphic on your paper goods is what we need to celebrate the holiday. These are fun yet tasteful with the script lettering and will certainly add to any Chanukah gathering or party!




9. Creative Converting Navi Blue and Gold Geode Party Dinnerware


Here’s another modern look, this time featuring galaxy colors. Great for adults and children, and you just can’t beat that price!




10. Chanukah Paper Goods Set Emoji Dreidel Design


For the children at heart (but also for the actual children), these emoji dreidel plates will let your guests know they’re in for a fun time!



11. Harlow and Grey Erika Navy Blue with Rose Gold Speckle Paper Plates


We just can’t turn away from a rose gold plate. And paired with a sophisticated blue? Yes, please! Take these a step further and make a rosé themed party. Set a bottle of rosé wine around the table for the perfect finishing touch.



12. White and Gold Party Supplies Set


We just love the confetti look of these. To bring these to life even more, add matching gold confetti on your table and instantly look like a pro party planner.