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The Secret to an Effortlessly Gleaming Oven

Kosher.com Staff September 7, 2019

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Is your oven dirty? Contrary to common belief, cleaning the oven doesn’t have to be hard work. Follow our step-by-step guide on how you can clean your oven before the holidays, including a tip for getting rid of bad odors.



Burnt grease, crumbs, and bad odors are hints that your oven needs cleaning. But contrary to what you might think, cleaning can be a cinch.


The biggest challenge of cleaning a dirty oven is getting to those hard-to-reach areas. Oven walls can get grimy from grease that splashes on during baking, but unfortunately can’t be removed by soaking.


Consider that problem solved!  


Sano Forte Plus is a kosher oven cleaner, under Badatz supervision, with active foam that dissolves burnt grease and completely gets rid of it. The thick foam clings to oven walls and surfaces, dissolves the grease, and makes cleaning easy. And the results – brilliant!


So, how is it done?


1. Remove baking trays and racks from the oven, spray Sano Forte Plus on the dirty surfaces, and let the active foam work.


2. Now, take the dirty baking trays and racks and spray them with Sano Forte Plus. Using a scouring pad, remove all the burnt grease. If the dirt is baked on, allow the foam to penetrate the grease for several minutes and then scrub. Make sure to rinse well with soap and water and then dry.


3. Back in the oven, the foam has had time to do its magic and is ready to clean. Take a gentle sponge that won’t scratch surfaces, and scrub well. Then, take a wet cloth and wipe clean. After making sure it is completely clean (with no foam left behind), wipe with a dry towel. Your oven now looks brand new!


4. Return the clean baking trays and racks to the oven, and get ready to cook for the next meal.



Lastly, want that secret tip on how to remove bad oven odors?  Squeeze two lemons and pour two glasses of water into a heat-proof bowl, add the lemon peels, and place in the oven on high heat for 20 minutes. Good luck!



Are you ready to get your oven fresh and gleaming? Get Sano Forte Plus, available in many stores and locations. Click here to see if your store is listed!