These Are The Absolute Best Cooking Gadgets For Kids!

Kosher.com Staff June 22, 2023

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Have a kiddo who loves to help in the kitchen?

It may seem like more of a bother to include little ones in your household cooking, but the truth is, it’s a wonderful skill for them to have! Not only does it encourage creativity, it is also so important for fine motor skills, it creates an interest in food (which could help those picky eaters), it helps build math, reading, and comprehension skills, and last but not least, it creates family memories!

Don’t worry about the mess that comes with it. Just embrace it and have fun!

Now the questions is, how do I keep my kids safe while cooking in the kitchen?

Below we’ve shared some of our favorite tried and true cooking gadgets for kids that are fun, educational, and safe. (Be sure to look at the recommended ages for each product.)

Tovla Kids Knives

Kitchen Step Stool For Toddlers

Risiculis Kids Knife Set

Vegetable Cutter Shapes

Cute Kitchen Timer

Silicon Kitchen Mini Utensils

Kids Vegetable Peeler

Kids Apron

Check out some easy and fun recipes kids can make in the kitchen too!