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Our Top Ten Favorite Apple + Honey Dishes

Kosher.com Staff September 2, 2018

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 Whether you dip your apple in honey for a sweet new year, or because it’s just the delicious snack you look forward to every September, it’s time to take advantage of that combo!  Let’s celebrate this beautiful Rosh Hashana custom with our favorite 10 dishes that incorporate both apples AND honey. 

1. Carrot Apple Mini Cupcakes with Non-Dairy Cream Cheese Icing by Jamie Geller

2. Fruit-Filled Honey Muffins by Faigy Grossman
3. Apple and Duck Salad by Shaindy Ausch

4. Apple and Honey Rosh Hashanah Muffins by Renee Muller

5. Apple-Honey Chicken by Brynie Greisman

6. Apple Tartlets by Clara Fatal
7. Honey Challah with a Touch of Apples by Temi Philip
8. Honey Caramel Apple Muffins by Rivky Kleiman
9. Honey Ice Cream in Chocolate Cups by Clara Fatal
10. Delicious Classic Apple Cake by Debby Segura