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This Fun Aqua And Coral Table Will Inspire Your Chanukah!

Kosher.com Staff November 12, 2020

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It’s been a while and we’re ready to change up our Chanukah look. This year’s coral and aqua is bound to create Chanukah memories that will remain vibrant among decades of fading blues and whites. If, like us, you love a burst of something di­fferent, this one’s for you.



Here’s something you probably want to know- those plates were purchased on ezpartyusa.com– it’s a brand-new site with loads of paper goods and partyware at wholesale prices, and so far, we love it! (We’ll be honest, we’ve taken more than a few party ideas from there, too.) We paired these winners with silver rimmed chargers and, well, look at that shot. We needn’t say much more. The tablecloth was purchased at The Closeout Connection– they have quite a beautiful selection! The cloth napkins can be purchased on Amazon. Just fold them into thirds lengthwise, lay them across the charger and tuck the ends beneath the charger’s rim.



Boy, did we have fun creating this centerpiece! And we’re simply in love with the results- because nothing lends an air of festivity like balloons do! You can buy these on Amazon– easy enough ๐Ÿ™‚ Be sure to inflate them at varying sizes- aside from the added dimension to the table, this will make it easier for you to build your garland and manipulate the balloons into position. You’ll need about 25 standard balloons for a six-foot table. Once the balloons are inflated, grab your sewing kit and start threading! Leaving yourself plenty of extra hanging thread, gently push the needle through the stems of the balloons one at a time. Take note of the color sequence as you thread so you don’t end up with a lopsided pattern. Lay your masterpiece down the center of the table and tack the remaining thread on either end to the cloth with transparent tape.


Now, see those cool silver fans? That’s how we masked the bald spots ๐Ÿ˜‰ The silver cardstock can be purchased at any craft store or ordered on Amazon. Cut an 8.5- by 11-inch sheet lengthwise to your desired width (once again, you’ll probably want varying sizes). Fold the paper horizontally, alternating directions at 1/2-inch intervals. Gather and pinch the bottom as you form your fan. Still pinching the bottom, pull the sides outward to form a semi-circle and place the paper surface at the base of your fan on a strip of double-sided tape. You can attach these wherever necessary.



And those place cards… We thought this table needed a little winter touch. So we found these convenient ball picks on our new favorite site and used the remains of our silver cardstock and fluff­y white marshmallows to complete these snowy Chanukah place cards. We didn’t use any adhesives to attach the paper dreidel- the marshmallow’s did the job just fine.



These sleek stemless goblets are also from ezparty. Something we’ve learned with experience- drinkware can contribute loads to a tablescape. Especially if you fill the cups with a great-tasting and great-looking beverage. 


Party favors! When we came across these adorable mini cake domes we knew we just had to incorporate them. We tied a colored ribbon around the knob to pull them in with the rest of the table. And what to put in them? Easy! Who doesn’t love powdered donuts? An all-time Chanukah favorite.



This ­flatware is one of our best tricks. It’s got a super unique shape that stamps the whole table with individuality. And to finish it o­ff, we threw in some tealights and chocolate coins for a seasonal e­ffect. 



We had so much fun putting together this uniqe and fun Chanukah table. Try and see for yourself!


These stunning pictures were captured by Prime Images Photography