This Is The One Hack You Need For Effortless Flowers!

Deena Friedman April 10, 2024

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Passover requires a lot of time, money, and energy. There’s a lot of prep and work that go into the holiday in advance, so by the time the holiday comes around, you’ll want to set a beautiful seder table that’s affordable and easy to create. Although linens and plates are important, flowers make any table so much more beautiful. 

I’m here to show you how you can make your own beautiful flower display using flowers found at the local grocery store with a hack that I often use myself.

To keep the arrangement affordable, the best place to buy stems is Trader Joe’s, Whole Foods, or Shop Rite. Simple glass vases at a great price can be found at The Dollar Tree. The Dollar Tree always has vases, but the shapes and sizes change throughout the year so it’s always good to buy a few each season to have options on hand. Here are a few options to order online as well:

12 vases in varied sizes for $36 

12 vases for $28

This floral arrangement won’t involve any complicated attempts at trying to create a floral arrangement using multiple types of flowers in a single vase. My hack to keep it simple and practical? Using only one type of flower in each vase and merely arranging the vases on the table. This will create a beautiful yet simple display when placed on the table together. 

To create the look, you can use any type of flowers. It looks best with varied types of flowers for visual interest. The colors can be monochromatic or a color scheme. This is the fun part! Choose flowers that pique your interest and are visually appealing to you. Some great choices are hydrangeas, country roses, spray roses, and chrysanthemums. I suggest only going to a grocery store that has single stems, not just pre-made bouquets. 

Watch how I put it all together on Instagram here!

My Flower Arranging Tips

1. Remove the leaves and cut the stems using floral shears like these. Make sure there is adequate water in the vase and measure the stems before cutting for desired height. (Always better to snip less and trim more than to cut them too short at first!)

2. When placing some flowers into the vase they may not look round and full, especially in a vase with a wider opening, which can be hard to fill. To make a beautiful, full, and nicely shaped floral design, you can make a hand bouquet to fill the vase with. Simply place the flowers in a bunch in your hand and wrap a rubber band around the stems before placing them in the vase. This will keep the flowers bunched nicely together.

3. Prep and place all the individual types of flowers into different vases. You want to keep the height of all the flowers somewhat consistent so as not to have a disjointed final arrangement. Once the flowers are in the vases, you can arrange them onto the table.

4. Place the vases next to each other in a zig-zag pattern. You can do six vases or twenty six vases with this design and create exactly the look you need for your table.

There you have it! A beautiful arrangement with little arranging!

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