10 Tips for Supporting Local Businesses this Purim

Esther Pransky February 10, 2021

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Amazon makes it so easy, doesn’t it?


If we weren’t relying on Amazon before COVID, we sure are now. The speed, convenience, and germ-free process are exactly what we need in our busy lives.


But the flip side of Amazon’s growing popularity is the loss to local retail businesses. They’ve been hit hard this year. In the spirit of spreading joy for Purim, here are ten ways to buy local for your mishloach manot:


  1. Work backwards
    We usually decide on a theme and then source our mishloach manot to fit. This year, first visit your neighborhood stores and build your mishloach manot from what’s available locally.

  2. Research local delivery options
    You may be relying on Amazon and other online orders because of COVID fears, but by now, many local businesses also offer delivery options. They may not be quite as cheap or convenient, but you’ll gain from bolstering your neighbors and neighborhood.

  3. Make it a theme
    Let your recipients know that you put together beautiful baskets strictly from local stores. Add a note explaining where you got each product and encouraging your friends to shop there.

  4. Discover hidden treasures
    Especially if you live in a large Jewish area, you may not know about all the small local businesses. Search through your local directory to find the woman who makes custom cookies or artisanal dried fruits. (See our list below!)
  5. Give more by giving less
    Yes, those cookies on Amazon cost half of the ones in your local bakery. Yes, if you blow your budget on local products, your mishloach manot will have less in them. That’s ok! We’re all giving away tons of food after Purim anyway. Give less food, but more support to local businesses.
  6. Speak to your local retailer
    So, you need 100 bags of Bissli. It’s way more convenient to order a case on Amazon than to load your shopping cart in a physical store. But first, try speaking to your local store owner. He may be delighted to order you a case (at a discount!) and load it into your car when it arrives.
  7. DIY
    Is your family stuck at home in a lockdown or quarantine? Then this is the year to send some homecooked love in your mishloach manot. Not only will it keep your kids busy, but you can find the ingredients for homemade foods locally. Don’t limit yourself to baked goods – you can send pasta salads, soups, kugels, and so much more.
  8. Think out of the bag
    Your mishloach manot doesn’t have to come in a standard gift bag or basket. Source local hardware or housewares stores for interesting mishloach manot packaging that can be a gift in and of itself, such as a toolbox, breadbox, platter, etc.

  9. Gift cards
    For teachers or other “thank you” mishloach manot, you don’t need to order elaborate food or gifts online. Instead, keep the basket simple and classic (like wine and cookies) and add a gift card to a local store.
  10. Donate instead
    Since this year’s Purim is on Friday, there will be less time to deliver mishloach manot. In lieu of giving many mishloach manot, consider making matanot l’evyonim donations to a local tzedakah. While that’s not supporting local businesses directly, it’s spending your money to support your community.

It may take some extra time and thought, but we help ourselves when we buy local. Studies show that local retailers return 52% of their revenue into the local economy. That’s a win for all of us!


To help you get started, we’ve curated a list of local businesses ready for your Purim orders. You’ll see options from baked goods to chocolates to labels and more. (Note: Many of these businesses deliver locally and ship nationwide.)


Baltimore/Silver Spring:


  • Cookie Delights – Custom cookies for any occasion

Call or text Aviva at 410-707-0360


  • Goldsugar Confections – Decadent chocolate gifts


[email protected]


  • Labelz and More – Custom Purim labels

[email protected]

Call or text 301-802-5661


  • Delightfully Sweet – Custom-made cupcakes, cookies, and cakes

[email protected]


  • All Things Baked by Rifky – Custom desserts, cupcakes, and photo cookies



  • Fruits by Pesha – Beautiful fruit, vegetable, and dehydrated fruit platters

Text Hezi 917-612-0660



  • I Am The Moody Foodie – Homemade, vegan, organic, preservative-free gourmet treats



  • Liquors Galore – Large, exclusive selection of kosher wines, liquors, and whiskeys from around the world


1212 Avenue J



  • Toss it Salad NY – Gourmet salads and drinks


[email protected]
347-401-1920 / 718-851-6807


  • Tunie Mizrahi Designs – Elegant handmade mishloach manot trays and packages


[email protected]



  • Yumtee Nuts – Healthy choice of gourmet nuts roasted fresh in small batches and organic dried fruits




  • Cocktail Headquarters – Frozen cocktails with a variety of coladas, mojitos, and diaquiris (Perfect for a Purim party or seuda!)





  • Candy Squared – Candy gifts and bulkcandy



[email protected]




  • Coco Jolie Fine Chocolates – Vegan organic chocolates and confections

12 North Dean St.



Fort Lee:





  • Chad Pamit B’Shefa – Large selection of boxes, containers, and ribbons

Rechov Petach Tikva 16



  • Jerusalem Cake Design – Custom cakes and treats


[email protected]


  • Libby’s Bakeshop – Challahs, challah baskets, and cookies

WhatsApp 617-913-7895


  • Matti’s Cookies – American-style cookies and artisan-style sourdough bread


Sanhedria Murchevet


  • Poly Arizot – Large selection of packaging for all occasions

Ohaliav 25


Kiryas Joel:


  • Chocolate Décor – Unique and creative arrangements of chocolate delicacies, nuts, and dried fruits


[email protected]



  • Custom Labelz – Pre-designed or custom Purim labels

[email protected]


  • Domani Home – Elegant mishloach manot gifts

12 America Ave



  • Drizzles – Miniatures for small corporate orders


[email protected]



  • Le Chocolat – Fine handmade chocolates and confections, including a new sugar-free line


[email protected]
41 Main Street


  • Sew Personal Gifts – Embroidery, engraving, and printing




Queens and Five Towns:


  • Cardstock – Meaningful and unique Purim cards





  • Fruit Platters and More – Fresh, tasty, and pretty fruit and vegetable platters, soup, sorbet, salads, dips, and gifts


Text 718-406-4310 to order


  • Vicki’s Delights – Custom homemade cakes, pies, and cookies.


[email protected]
Text orders to 516-220-9732





We know this list is by no means complete. Do you know of a local business worth mentioning? Please share in the comments below.