Top Places to Get Kosher Hanukkah Donuts (Sufganiot) Worldwide (Updated 2023)

Kosher.com Staff November 15, 2023

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You may be wondering where to get the best Hanukkah donuts near you, to spread a little light this Hanukkah season. Which kosher bakeries are worth the trip for their donuts? We asked our fans and favorite foodies for their favorite local kosher donut bakeries serving up jelly, custard, chocolate donuts, and more! Here’s what they said, in this up-to-date list, updated for Hanukkah 2023.

Is your area missing from the list? Do you have a recommendation for store-bought donuts not listed here? Share it in the comments!

Note: Kosher.com recommends that you check on the kashrut certificates of any of these bakeries to ensure that they meet your personal standards.

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New York

New Jersey


North Miami Beach

Los Angeles




Greenwich, CT



Where to Get Donuts in New York, 2023


Areles Bagels – recommended by Chanie Apfelbaum
Chocolatte – recommended by Chanie Apfelbaum

Taam Eden – “Their chocolate cheese donut is the best. It’s not overly patchked, just a delicious, decadent donut.” – D. F. in NJ.

Ostrovitsky’s Bakery


Chiffon’s Kosher Cake Center

Sesame – recommended by Esty Wolbe

Brooklyn Artisan Bakehouse


Queens Pita – 4 different readers wrote us insisting we must add these legendary kosher bakery donuts!


Aron’s Kessena Farms – has the best donuts for Hanukkah from Shloimy’s

Five Towns:

Cafe Chocolat – Aside from donuts, this kosher bakery makes cronuts for Hanukkah that are “out of this world.” –@thatswhatshemade

Glick’s Bakehouse in Cedarhurst

Mom’s Pastries – The flavor menu changes by the day! These are incredible donuts for get for Hanukkah!


Hava Java (they make a spelt Hanukkah doughnut using Rorie’s spelt mix!)

Manche Pani

Rockland Kosher Supermarket

Wesley Kosher

Where to Get Donuts in New Jersey, 2023


The Cookie Corner

Gelbstein’s – “My husband runs Gelbstein’s store, so kind of biased! Throughout the day they fry fresh ones!! Love a classic jelly but they also have fancy ones like Nutella, lotus, and dairy white chocolate” – Sara Goldstein
Gingerbread – “I love love Gingerbread. They don’t make crazy flavors. It’s basic, like jelly, caramel, and they have some milchig ones. They’re out of this world!” – Faigy Murray

The Choco Shoppe


Aisle One located in Brook Haven mall. They have both classic donuts and fancy specialty flavors!


Patis Bakery


Broad Street Donuts

Where to Get Donuts in Pennsylvania, 2023


House of Kosher

Where to Get Donuts in Florida, 2023

North Miami Beach:

Sonny’s Bakery – “They are making them fresh and have the most flavorful fillings – you can get Guava, Chocolate and Bavarian Cream mixed, and others.” – reader J.K.

Where to Get Donuts in California, 2023

Los Angeles:

Mensch Bakery – recommended by Nina Safar

Unique Bakery – Located in the Valley. People will drive down special just to get their jelly donuts for Hanukkah. They are nothing fancy, just considered the best. – Recommended by Shelly, a longtime Valley native

Where to Get Donuts in Canada, 2023


Pizza Gourmetti – recommended by Erin Grunstein

Sfingy – recommended by Erin Grunstein

Cheskie’s – recommended by Erin Grunstein


Amazing Donuts – recommended by Daniella Silver

Where to Get Donuts in Maryland, 2023


Delightfully Sweet – recommended by Chaya Appel-Fishman

Rosendorff’s Bakery – “Rosendorff donuts are GOOD.” – DA

Silver Spring:

Kosher Pastry Oven

Where to Get Donuts in Ohio, 2023


Unger’s Kosher Bakery

Where to Get Donuts in Connecticut, 2023


Greenwich and Delancey – They have a pastrami donut on their menu! Thanks, Tzip, for letting me know about this gem!

Where to Get Donuts in Israel, 2023

Roladin (multiple locations) – “The best donuts in Israel, hands down. Absolutely magnificent.” – recommended by Naomi Nachman AND they are actual winners of Hanukkah donut awards in Israel (Please note this bakery is not Chalav Yisrael)

English Cake – (has several branches) – Rivky


Kadosh Cafe – “My favorite is the pineapple cream donut!” – Estee Chait; Rivky agrees, “Best ever!”

Gourmandises By Yoel – “Has really cool donut flavours. The sesame caramel one is fab!”

New York Bake Shop

Gagaou de Paris – the most beautiful kosher bakery donuts!

Brooklyn Bakery – reopened in time for Chanukah!

Beit Shemesh

Chalat Habayit – recommended by Rena Tuchinsky


Pat Bamelach

Beit El

Herby’s Bakeshop – American-style kosher bakery also delivers to many groceries in Jerusalem and Beit Shemesh.

Where to Get Donuts in London, 2023

Golders Green:

Grodzinski’s – “My favourite by far.” – RG

COCO Bakery – recommended by Tanya Ohana

Stamford Hill:

Kohns Bakery – recommended by Tanya Ohana

Want to bake your own donuts? Choose some recipes from our donut recipe roundup here.

Originally published December 2020. Updated and improved November 2023.