“Toy Shadow Drawing” Is The Perfect Fun And Educational Kids Activity

Rachel Kor August 10, 2022

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Looking for a fun, calm, budget-friendly, and creative way to entertain the kids? We’ve got just the thing!


Toy shadow drawing!




What we love most about this activity is how great it is for all ages.


Younger kids will most likely play with the toys, try picking up the marker, and follow the bigger kids. Preschoolers will love tracing their favorite toys, and older kids can learn about the basics of how light works.



Put toys under the sunlight and see how shadows form and change.


You can use toys from around the house like bath toys, toy animals, dolls, dinosaurs, really any toy you have- which also makes it appropriate for all ages- they can choose their favorites.



Here’s what you’ll need:

Marker or pencil



Either do this in early morning, or late afternoon, when the shadows will show up best (and when it won’t be so hot out).


Line your toys on the piece of paper, and get tracing!


Note- you may want to wear sunglasses for this project to protect your eyes.