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Make Your Best Summer Smoothies With Beleaves Frozen Fruit!

Make Your Best Summer Smoothies With Beleaves Frozen Fruit!

Sponsored by Beleaves

Now that summer weather is officially upon us, there’s no better time to make refreshing and healthy smoothies that the entire family can enjoy!

Beleaves frozen fruit is the perfect choice with incredible flavor options including Dragon Fruit, Passionfruit, Sliced Banana, Mango, and Pineapple!

All bags are vacuum-packed to preserve freshness, and take up minimal shelf space in the freezer. There are no artificial flavors, and no GMOs.

Each bag comes with incredible recipes on the back, but we also have some wonderfully fruity, summery, and refreshing recipes for you below.

Pick up Beleaves frozen fruit at your local grocery store today! Enjoy!

1. Tropical Smoothie Bowl by Sina Mizrahi 

This is a kid favorite. It’s fresh and light and heavily sweetened with fruit — ideal to offer to an uninitiated smoothie drinker. The added coconut and dates give it a tropical feel, along with the strawberries and kiwi. Don’t forget the hemp seeds; they’re an excellent source of Omega 3s and have a chewy, nutty texture.

2. Green Detox Smoothie Bowl by Sina Mizrahi

Every time I finish a bowl of this green smoothie, I feel refreshed. There are two kinds of dark leafy greens in it, which are high in folate and iron, plus banana and avocado for heft and healthy fat. The toppings round it all off with fruit for sweetness and chia seeds for an added nutritional boost. After this bowl, you will feel positively glowing!

3. Summer Smoothies by Dresses and Dressings

Whenever I make smoothies, I’m in awe of the beautiful natural colors and flavors of the produce that HaShem has created for us. These smoothies definitely scream summer- but I have a feeling that you’re going to want to make them year-round!

4. Creamsicle Smoothie by Chayie Schlisselfeld

This smoothie is protein-packed, refreshing, and delicious. The perfect treat for a warm summer day.

5. Banana Mango Smoothie by Chayie Schlisselfeld

A really delicious flavor combination.

6. Energy Burst Smoothie by Chevy Slomovics and Raizy Janklowitz

7. Frozen Berry Smoothie by Esty Wolbe

Watch Esty make this smoothie here!

8. Mango Smoothie (Sugar Free) by Victoria Dwek

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