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We Asked 16 Kids What They Want For Chanukah, And This Is What They Said

Dena Gershkovich November 10, 2020

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Wondering which gifts to get to satisfy all the kids on your list this Chanukah? Check out this Chanukah gift guide for ideas that are sure to brighten up their holiday!

We went ahead and asked 16 kids between the ages of 21 months and 13 years what their ideal Chanukah gifts would be and put together this list – which is complete with prices and links to the items! – to make your Chanukah shopping easier. We know life has been especially hectic the past few months, and at Kosher.com we are here to help you out! Enjoy the guide below, and let us know in the comments if you end up purchasing any of these suggested gifts! Wishing you a bright, happy and safe Chanukah. Chag sameach!

Please note that the following quotes have been lightly edited for clarity.

1) A Nintendo Switch and a “Truly Me” American Girl Doll


“I would like to get a Nintendo Switch because I like playing with my cousin and he plays Fortnight on his Switch all the time. I would also like to get a ‘Truly Me’ American Girl Doll because there are tons of dolls in the stores that I like but this doll will be customized to what I like and looks like me!” – Clara Steinberg, Brooklyn, age 10

Shop for the Nintendo Switch ($449 on Amazon) and the American Girl Doll ($110 from americangirl.com) here!

2) A Fitbit

“I would like to go to the American Girl doll store because my parents promised to take my for my afikomen present but the store has been closed since March due to corona. I would also like to get a Fitbit to keep track of my steps all day.” – Eliana Steinberg, Brooklyn, age 10 (Clara’s twin)

Shop the Fitbit Inspire 2 Health & Fitness Tracker ($99 on Amazon) here!

3) A Drone With a Camera

“I would like to get a drone with a camera in it. It would be fun to see what my friends that live nearby are up to.” – Oren Mermelstein, Woodmere, age 11

Shop for a mini drone for kids with a camera ($39.99 on Amazon) here!

4) LEGO Avengers

” I want to get some Lego avengers because they are fun to play with and I want to see how many things I can create.” – Yechiel Mermelstein, Woodmere, age 10

Shop for LEGO Marvel Avengers: Avengers Ultimate Quinjet 76126 Building Kit ($55.97 on Amazon) here!

5) A Gaming PC

“I want a gaming PC so that I can play Fortnite and ‘Among Us’ with my friends all day long.” – Bram Feldman, Woodmere age 9


Shop for a gaming PC ($529.99 on Amazon) here!

6) Ties for Shabbat and Wii Sports


“I want ties for Chanukah, because I want something new to wear on Shabbos. I also want Wii Sports so that I can play together when my cousin Rafi comes over to my house.” – Shlomo Gefen, Far Rockaway, age 11

Shop for ties on jcpenny.com (prices vary) and Wii Sports by Nintendo ($45.75 on Amazon) here!

7) LED Lights

“I want LED lights for my room because they glow and light up my room and it’s fun to change the colors.” – Alexandra Mordowitz, Hewlett, Age 9

Shop for LED lights ($33.99 on Amazon) here!

8) A Heated Blanket

“I want a heated blanket because it’s always so cold and the winter is coming. I could use it all the time to keep me warm.” – Gabi Mordowitz, Hewlett, age 13


Shop for a heated blanket ($42.99 on Amazon) here!

9) A Professional Tennis Racket

“I want a new tennis racket because I took lessons this summer and I want to continue to play this winter. I want my own professional racket.” – Andy Mordowitz, Hewlett, age 13

Shop for a professional tennis racket set ($75.99 for two rackets on Amazon) here!

10) A Walkie Talkie and a Car


“I want a walkie talkie, I want a brown walkie talkie, because sometimes brown is my favorite color. I also want a super big big car for Chanukah because I like that.” – Zack Peter Gershkovich, Brooklyn, age 3

Shop for a brown camouflage walkie talkie for kids ($20.99 on Amazon) and a kids ride-on car ($209.99 on Amazon) here!

11) Gummy Bears

“I like it Chanukah! I want a gummy!” – Ethan Jonah Gershkovich, Brooklyn, age 21 months


Shop for a bag of gummy bears on ohnuts.com ($7.89 per bag).

12) Matching Doll Pajama Set

“I want a matching pajama set for me and my baby doll; we both sleep much cozier when we’re matching.” – Perri Fonfeder, Brooklyn, age 2

Shop for a matching pajama set ($15 – $25.99 on Amazon) here.

13) The Mitzvah Kinder Chasuna Set

“The Mitzvah Kinder Chasuna Set because I love playing the Kallah.” – Leah Goldstein, Kensington, age 5

Shop for the Mitzvah Kinder Chasuna Set ($108.19 on Amazon) here.

14) A Remote Control Car

“I want a remote control car.” – Ori Neeman, Crown Heights, age 3

Shop for a remote control car ($39.99 on Amazon) here.

15) Fancy Nancy Books

“The whole set of Fancy Nancy books, I like how the pages are so colorful.” – Rosie Grossman, Flatbush, age 4


Shop for a set of 4 Fancy Nancy Books ($10.52 on Amazon) here.

16) An iPhone

“I want an Iphone so I can be on the family WhatsApp chats.” – Chana Levine, Monsey, age 10

Shop for an iPhone ($599 for an iPhone 11) here.

If you choose to purchase any of these gifts, let us know in the comments below! We would love to hear how they were received. Chag sameach!