Who Knows 13? The 13 Coolest Passover Products You Need This Year

Esther Pransky March 15, 2020

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By: Esther Pransky, Lubicom Marketing Staff


Are you ready for something new?


We scoured the web to find you the freshest, coolest and most fun Passover products out there.


Here’s a list that goes way beyond the standard matzo covers and matzo holders. From pyramids to pepper shakers, you’ll find great ideas to gift to others . . . or to yourself.


For the Seder

We all want our seder table to look beautiful. Whether you’re hosting or being hosted, you’ll appreciate these special touches.


  1. 10 plagues coasters
    It might be the most awkward moment at the seder. Where DO you put those little drips you make when you recite the ten plagues? Save the moment (and your tablecloth) with this 18-piece coaster set. The little pictures will guide everyone’s drips and drops.

  2. Pesach place cards
    Uh, oh. The seder will NOT end well if Cousin Jake is sitting next to Uncle Dave. Solve your seating problems before they happen with these gorgeous shimmery Pesach themed place cards. You can write on them directly or print the names on clear labels.

  3. 10 plagues wine glass decoration
    There are lots and lots of 10 plagues-themed Pesach items out there, but this one is different. The 10 plagues just went classy instead of kitschy. You put these decorations on the edge of a wine glass, like a lemon wedge on a cocktail. (A KFP cocktail, of course.)

  4. Silver disposable seder plate
    No more arguments over different customs. No more complaining from the relative who wants the seder to go faster. Or slower. At this price, everyone who wants can have their own seder plate. And it’s only 13 inches wide, so there will be plenty of room on your table.

  5. Complete Seder Gift Pack
    Oh! Nuts calls it an “emergency kit for Passover night.” It has all the basics for a seder – grape juice, matzah, charoset, haggadah, and more. This is a really thoughtful gift for anyone making Passover for the first time or away from home.

  6. The (unofficial) Hogwarts Haggadah
    This one’s for all the Harry Potter fans out there. This haggadah is the perfect addition to your seder table and offers magical questions, lessons and topics of discussion to the conversation. What we love most about it is how much the Wizarding world and Jewish history have in common!

    For the Cook

    On Pesach, the cook holds the keys to everyone’s happiness. Win the cook’s heart with these original gifts.

  7. Ceramic salt and pepper shakers
    You’ll never have to wonder if this is your Pesach set or your chometz set. These ceramic salt and pepper shakers have פסח written on them in clear gold letters. The set is a great gift, especially for a family making Pesach for the first time.

  8. Pyramid matzo holder
    Matzo holders have now entered the 21st century. Even if no one realizes that the holder is an upside-down pyramid, they’ll still be wowed by the cool, minimalistic design. Choose from silver or gold to complement the tablescape.

  9. “Keep Calm” apron
    Picture the scene: It’s Erev Pesach. You have a house full of company and pots cooking on every burner. The phone is ringing. The kids are hungry. Everyone wants your attention at the same time. Stay calm with the reminder on this colorful apron.

    For the Kids

    Pesach vacation means days and days without structure for the kids. Here are some top picks to keep them happily occupied.

  10. Let My People Go Passover game
    This Pesach themed game has up to four players racing to get out of Egypt first. It’s a Pesach version of the classic game, Trouble, but in this case, we hope it will keep your kids OUT of trouble. They may have so much fun they’ll forget that they don’t like any of the Pesach food.

  11. Mayer the Matzo Baker Lego set
    Bubbies and Zaydies, do we have your attention? This may be THE perfect afikomen gift for the young grandkids in your life. Mayer the matzo baker joins the ranks of characters immortalized by Lego. Mayer comes with his brick oven (complete with flames), matzo paddle, and round matzos.

  12. Tic-tac-“toad” wood game
    It’s tic-tac-toe, only better. Instead of “x” and “o,” you play the game with matzo balls and frogs.(That’s why it’s called “Tic Tac Toad.” Get it?) There’s no writing involved, so the kids can even play on Yom Tov. Double trap, anyone?

  13. Afikomen Finder Shirt
    Buy one or many of these for all the kids at your seder! It’s a great gift, and will make them feel included and involved in the seder this year.

    By the way, even with all the cool, new products on this list, don’t forget about the tried and true. After all, Pesach is a holiday of traditions and bringing out your family’s treasured Pesach possessions each year is like greeting old friends.

    Maybe some of these new products will become part of your family’s tradition, too.