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30 Purim Seudah Picks You Can Make In Under 1 Hour!

30 Purim Seudah Picks You Can Make In Under 1 Hour!

Wondering what you should make for your Purim seudah this year? So are we.


That’s why we thought it was time to put together our favorite seudah recipes in one amazing roundup for you. Each recipe we’ve included is delicious, festive and most importantly, takes under one hour to make (yes, really!).


We have everything from London Broil and Crispy Wonton Chicken Skewers, to White Wine Haricot Verts and Rice Krispie Treat Hamantaschen.


And don’t forget those boozy drinks. We have the perfect Purim-themed cocktails (how adorable are those garnishes?) we know you’ll just love!




  1. Pulled Beef Flatbread by Elizabeth Kurtz
    Use all store-bought ingredients (or just some) for this delicious, keep-it-simple recipe. The amazing part is that it looks so complicated and on-trend (everything on a pizza crust is good!).

  2. Dr. Pepper Smoky Mini Franks by Elizabeth Kurtz
    Every party needs a mini hot dog hors d’oeuvre. These are requested over and over again.

  3. Hot Dog Egg Rolls by Adina Silberman
    Mini franks in blanks are always a safe, kid-friendly bet, but can sometimes feel too safe, almost boring. This recipe for mini hot dog egg rolls with dipping is just different enough to excite those eaters who enjoy a little variety.

  4. BBQ Meatball Tart by Miriam (Pascal) Cohen
    Who knew that a comfort-food staple like meatballs could become such a pretty and delicious appetizer? Whether they’re served at a buffet, kiddush, or party, or you plate them at your seudah, these tiny tarts are a guaranteed crowd-pleaser!

  5. Mini Pastrami Quiches by Nechama Norman

  6. Curry Crumb Chicken and Dip by Nechama Norman

  7. Pretzel Hot Dog Skewers by Esty Wolbe

  8. Chicken and Waffles with Maple Bourbon Sauce by Miriam (Pascal) Cohen
    Waffles are my favorite breakfast food, so it’s no surprise that I was obsessed with this classic Southern dish from the moment I heard about it. This dish isn’t just beautiful, though — it’s a perfect blend of sweet and savory flavors, and no wonder it’s my most requested Yom Tov appetizer!

  9. Tongue ’N’ Mustard Spring Rolls with Apricot-Bourbon Dipping Sauce by Chanie Nayman
    Growing up, no trip to the airport was complete without a deli sandwich. Now it’s our go-to even on our long drives, and tongue (and turkey breast) will always be my favorite. Because it’s so buttery soft, it goes really well with the crispiness of the spring roll. You can easily sub any other cured meat, so no excuses, these are too good to miss!

  10. Savory Duck Rillettes Shells by Chanie Nayman
    My saving grace when it comes to entertaining is having a few key components ready to go in advance. That way you can quickly throw a dish together at the last minute, or even better, delegate it to an eager helper! The shells and spiralized zucchini can be prepped in advance, and the duck rillettes are a delicious spread that is 100 percent ready to go.

  11. Brach’s Famous London Broil by Rivky Kleiman
    Brachs in Queens, one of the first kosher superstores in the Tristate area, was renowned for its takeout and especially for its London broil. I am pleased to be able to share this recipe with you, contributed by Mr. Brach’s daughter, Elana.

  12. Charcuterie Ring by Family Table Staff
    Watch this ring come to life here!

  13. Crispy Wonton Chicken Skewers by Victoria Dwek
    A unique fried chicken recipe. Chicken breast is wrapped in strips of wonton dough, then deep fried. Serve with fresh Asian-style pico de gallo and guacamole to cut through the fattiness.

  14. Dijon Baby Potatoes by Nechama Norman
    No matter when I make these, the bowl is always cleaned out! If you’re not a rosemary fan (like my father-in-law, who thinks it tastes likes soap), leave it out (but only if you must!)

  15. Green Trio and Duck Fry Sauté by Rivky Kleiman
    This new dish was an instant hit. Young and old kept taking one more taste just for “quality control”….

  16. White Wine Haricot Verts by Chaia Frishman
    With a light infusion of white wine and some delicious shallots (also a smaller and sweeter relative of the onion), this is a simple side .And yes, feel free to substitute with string beans and sweet onions. I promise I won’t tell.

  17. Sweet Potato Crostini with Toppings by Rivki Rabinowitz
    The sweet potato slices act as a base for any topping you choose. There really are no rules or limits – this recipe is about the concept. I’ve included some combinations and their recipes below. Feel free to follow along or create your own!

  18. Kofta-Stuffed Dates by Chanie Apfelbaum
    Kosherizing popular foods is one of my passions, and I was determined to do so with the classic appetizer, bacon-wrapped dates. Stuffing the sweet dates with the spiced kofta filling and wrapping them in smoky kosher beef fry creates the perfect party bite that pairs well with beer. Your hubby will thank you.

  19. Velvety Sweet Potato Soup by Efrat Libfroind
    A really flavorful potato/sweet potato soup despite being made with water instead of stock. Sautéed onion, leek, garlic, add the flavor, as does the thyme added at the end. Includes a dairy and parve option. This is one creamy soup you won’t want to miss.


  20. Unstuffed Hamantaschen by Erin Grunstein

    Poppyseed or prune or one of the myriads of other flavors – that is the question (on Purim). What flavor should I make? What will everyone like? Well, now, you don’t have to choose – make unstuffed hamantaschen that your guests fill themselves!

  21. Hamantaschen, Champagne, and Strawberry Trifle by Elizabeth Kurtz
    Champagne is celebratory and festive and the perfect flavoring for this exceptionally special dessert. I use the assorted fruit hamantaschen that are left over from every school party and mishloach manot in this recipe. Trust me, this takes them to a new level!

  22. Apple Dump Cake by Michal Frischman
    This recent viral trend seems to have been started by the Pioneer Woman, and is a crazy easy concept to make your own. If you’re looking for healthier desserts, keep on moving. 🙂

  23. Shena’s Fairy Dust Chocolate Chip Hamantashen with Chewy Chocolate Filling by Shena Dominitz
    Oozing chocolate and little chocolate chips in each bite is what I am talking about. Purim, Bring it! We are ready to have some fun! This is a great recipe to include your little ones in, and they will love to boast about which ones they made!

  24. Rice Krispie Treat Hamentaschen by Erin Grunstein
    I love Rice Krispie Treats, they’re one of my favorite desserts. So I figured there’s a way to turn them into hamentaschen.

  25. Full ‘n Free Hamantaschen by Rorie Weisberg

    Enjoy Purim’s traditional favorite with ingredients that love your body back!

  26. Mochaccino Minis by Brynie Greisman
    This is a dessert for serious coffee lovers only. The cardamom adds a subtle background note of spiciness, akin to cinnamon. Tastes awesome straight from the freezer, with a cuppa, of course! 

  27. Chocolate Liqueur Pudding Cups by Naami Jearolmen
    Watch this pudding disappear faster than you made it! This dessert can be frozen and served as a delicious frozen treat as well. Heaven!

  28. Mango Candy Sour by Tessa Skara
    Watch us create this candy garnish here!

  29. Tropical Mule by Tessa Skara
    Watch us create this hamantaschen-inspired garnish here!

  30. Blood Orange Margarita with Cinnamon Sugar by Trisha Jones
    This cocktail is so easy… you should be careful!

Originally published February 2020. Updated and improved March 2022.