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Chocolate Liqueur Pudding Cups


Watch this pudding disappear faster than you made it! This dessert can be frozen and served as a delicious frozen treat as well. Heaven!


Prepare the Pudding

1. In the bowl of an electric mixer, or using a hand mixer, beat one and a half cups liquid nondairy whipped topping.
2. Slowly add in pudding mix and chocolate liqueur. Continue to beat for one and a half to two minutes. Pudding will be much lighter in color than regular chocolate pudding and will have a somewhat mousse-like texture.
3. Place in dessert cups.

Prepare the Whipped Cream

1. Whip remaining nondairy whipped topping to top the pudding.

To Serve

1. Garnish with shaved chocolate or nut crunch. Drizzle with additional chocolate liqueur.