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Yeshiva Week: Cozy Hot Chocolate Board (+2 fun DIYs)

Yeshiva Week: Cozy Hot Chocolate Board (+2 fun DIYs)

Sponsored by Kedem


by Sara Goldstein



It’s the time of year where indulgent hot chocolate drinks are not only allowed, they are encouraged! Especially after a day of fun in the snow!


Create a fun little board with all the fixings to make some over-the-top delicious hot chocolates. It’s very simple and takes minutes to create, but has huge impact- perfect for a vacation day!


To make this board even more special and fun, we’ve created two DIYs using Kedem Tea Biscuits. They’re a staple in EVERY kosher home, and have a delicious and simple taste (perfect for pairing with just about anything). Today we’re revamping the classic we all grew up on and turning them into “Hot Cocoa Dunkers”, and “Slogan Biscuits”. The hot cocoa dunkers have the perfect amount of drizzled chocolate and marshmallows for dunking, and the slogan biscuits are perfect for your kids to express their creativity. They can pipe sayings like “snow day supporter,” “school’s out,” or “on vaca” just to name a few. 



What You Need For Your Hot Cocoa Board:


Decorated Kedem Tea Biscuits (instructions below)

Your favorite hot chocolate

Cinnamon sticks

White chocolate chips

Sandwich cookies

Whipped cream


Wafer rolls

Chocolate covered mints


Arrange all your fixings on any board you have at home (a small cutting board works perfectly). Feel free to customize the board with your favorite topping choices.






Kedem tea biscuits (any flavor)

Baking chocolate, melted

Mini marshmallows, cut in half




1. Place tea biscuits on parchment paper. Drizzle with melted baking chocolate and quickly stick marshmallow halves to the melted chocolate.


2. Allow the chocolate to dry before dunking into a cup of hot chocolate.




Kedem tea biscuits (any flavor)

Cookie icing




1. Transfer cookie icing to a piping bag. Cut the tip off.


2. Place the biscuits on parchment paper. Have fun piping cute and delicious snow day slogans!


There you have it! A delicious snack and 2 fun DIYs rolled into one. It’s great for all ages and will most definitely enhance a vacation day or snow day for the kids.