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6 Layer Cake

Parve Parve
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Submitted by Sara Katzenstein


This 6 layer cake will be served and not a crumb will be left on the plate. It looks delicious and tastes divine. Easy to prepare and it will add the perfect touch to any party or dessert after a special meal.


Preparation for the Cake


Separate the eggs and beat the whites while gradually adding sugar .


Divide the dough in two, bake one half in the oven 180 degrees Celsius in oven for 30 minutes.


To the other half, add 1 tablespoon of cocoa and mix and then bake.


When the two cakes are cool, each cake should be cut into three rectangles. The cream should be applied between layers.


When the texture is thick, add all other ingredients including the yolks.

Preparation for the Cream


Mix Rich’s by hand. Melt the chocolate on the fire. When cool, slowly add to the cream in the bowl.


Mix well until a little thick.

Preparation for the Icing


Melt the chocolate on fire and when it cools down a bit, mix with Rich in a bowl. Pour over the cake.


The icing should be not too liquid and not too thick