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You might not expect to find arayes, a Lebenese/Middle Eastern BBQ dish, on your picky eaters’ lists, but they will surprise you! In this recipe, we are stuffing pitas with a combo of ground beef and ground lamb, along with plenty of fresh herbs. Pop them on the grill and you’ll have a healthy kid-friendly sandwich in minutes. Watch Easy Does It with Esty for more easy family cooking.


1. Combine meat with onion, herbs, garlic and seasonings. Mix gently to evenly distribute the additions.
2. Stuff the meat mixture into the halved pitas, as shown.
3. Place, exposed side down, on a hot grill. After about five minutes, flip to the flat side and cook five minutes more then flip to the other flat side and cook a final five minutes. You may need more time if you overstuff your pitas.
4. Remove from the grill and enjoy with lots of tahini!