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Baby Bootie Cookies


These themed cookies are the perfect welcome for a tired mom. Perfect for a bris or kiddush, or just for the mother of the baby! These may not be easy but the results will be worth the praise they garner! You may also want to try Sleeping Beauty Cupcakes.


Prepare the Baby Bootie Cookies


Cover the cookie with white fondant using the same cookie cutter you used for the cookie. Attach with a little bit of water or frosting.


Fill a bag with pink or blue cream, using the #5 (regular-size circle) tip. Pipe a large circle and an even smaller one a little farther down.


With the same tip, pipe a neat, thick line by pushing down hard on the bag and piping steadily. (It is basically a long, elongated dot.) Finish off by piping a large dot at the end. Using the same frosting with a #2 tip, pipe a thinner line to connect the two dots.


Using a #2 or 3 tip, add a large bow to the rattle, a small trim on the dot of the bootie, and a bow on the bootie.


To take it up a notch, use a knife to make a crisscross pattern on the cookie before piping, and place a pearl by each intersection. Then follow the above directions.


Photos by Chay Berger