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Sleeping Beauty Cupcakes


These themed cupcakes are the perfect welcome for a tired mom. Perfect for a bris or kiddush, or just for the mother of the baby! These may not be easy, but the results will be worth the praise they garner! You may also want to try Baby Bootie Cookies.


Prepare the Sleeping Beauty Cupcakes


Roll out white fondant evenly, and cut a circle large enough to cover the top surface of the cupcake. Use a bit of frosting or a drop of water to attach the fondant to the cupcake.


Using peach or skin-colored fondant, shape a small round ball and press down hard into the mold. You can use the end of a rolling pin to press it in well. Use a knife to slice off the top so it is even. Place in the freezer for two minutes.


To make the pillow, roll white fondant into a thick log, then cut a one-inch piece of the log. Alternatively, you can use a small marshmallow, sliced in half lengthwise.


Carefully remove the fondant baby from the mold. Place the baby onto the pillow.


To make the blanket, roll out pink or blue fondant and cut a neat square with a knife. Measure it over the baby to make sure it is the correct size.


Using a knife, gently press down (do not cut!) both ways diagonally, forming a crisscross pattern.


Using a dot of water, place a pearl by every intersection. Cover the baby with the blanket.


Roll out pink or blue fondant and use a small flower puncher to punch out flowers. Attach to the rim of the cupcake.


Photos by Chay Berger