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Batter-Fried Chicken Fingers


This is a basic tempura batter that can work for many different delicious combinations.  I use it for chicken, boneless thighs in particular, but I also make pineapple and bananas for dessert. Soaking the chicken in seltzer tenderizes them, making them even more tender.  The biggest secret though, is the temperature of the oil. Maintaining the correct temperature is the key to perfectly fried chicken!   If you’re looking for a recipe for beer-battered chicken fingers, try this one by Chayie Schlisselfeld



1. Cut the chicken into bite-size pieces, preferably in strips.  Mix the seltzer, sugar and salt in a bowl and add chicken.  Refrigerate for half an hour, or up to 12 hours.
2. Meanwhile, combine all the ingredients for the batter in a bowl and refrigerate for half an hour as well.


1. Fill a pot with oil and heat until the oil reaches a temperature of 350 degrees Fahrenheit.  It’s very important to maintain a level of heat between 320 – 350 degrees Fahrenheit.  I suggest using a thermometer that clips onto the side of the pot.
2. While the oil heats, place half the chicken between two paper towels and pat dry.  Place into the batter.


I like to serve it with a store-bought sweet chili sauce. Add two frozen cubes of ginger for another flavor dimension.