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Best Ever Chocolate Chip Cookies


Submitted by Nelli Weiss


Hey so everyone makes chocolate chip cookies, but mine have a healthy twist ( with secret ingredients, you would never guess are in there…)
Crispy on the outside soft on the inside, fresh out of the oven… YUM!!!



Mix together in an electric mixer the oil and sugar for 5 min. add the maple syrup and vanilla extract.


Add 1 egg at a time while mixing slowly. Add the chia seeds and mix, then mix in a separate bowl the salt, baking soda and flour then add to batter.


Add the chocolate chips while mixing slowly.


Put batter in the fridge for 1-24 hours ( the more the better…)


Make shapes and put in to preheated oven on 350F for 10 min. Let cool and enjoy!!


Or put dough in slow cooker before Shabbos with chocolate ganache (melted whip topping and 2 bars of chocolate) put on low and enjoy a hot yummy dessert on a rainy Friday night.