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Build-Your-Own Grilled Desserts


Every barbecue needs a semi-homemade dessert that can keep the kids occupied. This one is an activity and a dessert in one!


Prepare the Desserts

1. Preheat grill to 350 degrees Fahrenheit (175 degrees Celsius). Cut square pieces of aluminum foil.
2. Mix and match elements to create custom desserts, then tightly close foil packets and cook on the grill for 12–18 minutes. Here are a few delicious combos to try. The first four options go well with ice cream.   • Cookie dough + square semisweet chocolate + nut brittle • brownie dough + banana + caramel drizzle + chocolate chips • cookie dough + marshmallows + chocolate chips • thinly sliced pears + 1 teaspoon strawberry jam + nut brittle + rice crispies • strawberry jam + marshmallow + rice crispies + nut brittle  


Photography by Hudi Greenberger

Food Styling and Props by Chavi Feldman