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Low-Carb Butternut Squash Lasagna

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Butternut squash takes the place of noodles in this low-carb lasagna. This saucy and cheesy “lasagna” will satisfy your carby cravings in a more healthful way.



Preheat oven to 400 degrees Fahrenheit.


To make the butternut squash sheets, cut off and peel the long neck of a butternut squash.


Bake the squash for about an hour to make it easier to slice.


In a nine- by five-inch baking dish, start by spooning a layer of tomato sauce. Place the butternut squash sheets on top of the sauce, followed by another layer of sauce and shredded cheese. Keep layering with squash, sauce, and cheese until all the squash sheets are done. Top the lasagna with the leftover sauce, cheese, and parmesan.


Cover and bake for about an hour on 350 degrees Fahrenheit until squash is tender. Uncover and bake for an additional 30 minutes to get the cheese nicely browned.


Cooking time may vary depending on the thickness of your butternut squash.