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Casa Sarabella Apples


Submitted by @casasarabella Sara B Gochberg


THIS is what I will be making constantly throughout Pesach!
Yup …I used the P word!!
I will pop them apples in the oven after each meal.
Truthfully, I make them all the time.
After lunch or dinner, pre bedtime treat.
Super easy, delicious and satisfies that sweet craving!


After a day or two of those Pesach cookies and cake, you gonna be so happy with something healthy, filling, sweet and yum!


And, I know you gonna be missing a lot of fearless cooking during the Pesach season, so you get to be fearless when you make these apples!


Warning: make a lot, there is never ever enough!



Core apples, slice into 1/8s; only peel apples if it’s your Pesach minhag.


Place on a baking sheet, tin, ramekin etc; generously sprinkle with cinnamon and water.


Bake at 350 degrees Fahrenheit, approximately 60- 90 minutes.


When the apples are bursting and starting to breakdown, liquid starts getting a lil syrupy and you are smelling that cinnamon… time to enjoy!


You can bake at any temp, for any duration; delicious at every stage!

Enjoy hot, cold, room temp or rewarmed. Chill the baked apples – flavor deepens and the juices …Yum!

Easiest applesauce, mush when warm.