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Casa Sarabella Lazy Girl Italian Meatballs


From @casasarabella Hayom Yom Shlishi Series
(Just for fun account)
Liluyi Nishmas my father Rav Aron ben Harav Menachem Mendel A’H


Only sharing if you don’t tell my Mother and Mother in law …they may be horrified!
If you can’t keep a secret, stop reading NOW!


Thinking about all of you up North
When it’s a bit chilly here (Miami)
Hey …it’s all relative!
Darling Husband will be in the mood for some hearty comfort food
NOT the type of food I cook down here!
Serious kitchen time …
If it isn’t Friday … that’s just not happening.


Lazy Girl Italian Meatballs is the perfect win-win … super easy and hits the spot on our colder days …so good I make it on repeat during Miami winters even if it isn’t “freezing“! It’s our favorite and will become your family favorite as well! Enjoy!



Combine sauce ingredients and bring to a simmer on a low flame (or your kitchen will be redecorated with tomato splatters!) Simmer for a few minutes; you may need to cover the pot.


While the sauce is coming together, combine meatballs ingredients and very lightly mix together; don’t overmix or you won’t have soft meatballs.


After sauce has simmered for a few minutes, incorporate add-ins and simmer a few minutes more.


Gently form small/medium meatballs and add to the sauce.


Cook covered, on a low simmer for approximately 60 minutes.


Serve alone, with rice, pasta, spaghetti squash, shirataki noodle.
Spicy profile: serve w/red pepper flakes.
Freezer friendly, flavors deepen!
But you ain’t gonna have any left!