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Chanukah Gelt Surprise Cookies


Making Chanukah cookies is always fun, but add a surprise in the middle and watch your kids’ faces light up! For more great ideas, watch Just Make It!


Bake the Cookies

1. Roll out your dough about one-fourth-inch thick.
2. Cut out dreidel cookies and transfer to a baking sheet lined with Gefen Parchment Paper.
3. Using the small cookie cutter, cut out the center of every third cookie, keeping the dreidel cookie cutter around the cookie while cutting, so that the shape doesn’t spread.
4. Bake cookies according to recipe directions and allow to cool.


1. Melt chocolate and place in a piping bag – I like to do this by placing the chocolate in a ziptop bag and pouring hot water over the bag. Once the chocolate melts, snip off the tip of the bag and you’ve got a piping bag!
2. On a whole (non-hollow) cookie, pipe chocolate along the edge. Place a hollow cookie on top. Fill it with one piece of gelt and sprinkles if desired. Pipe chocolate along the edge of the hollow cookie and top it with a whole cookie.
3. You can decorate the cookie if you’d like. Put it in the fridge to set.


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