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Cheese Kreplach


Classic Jewish kreplach are squares of dough filled with ground meat or chicken, folded into a triangle, boiled and traditionaly served on Purim. These are kreplach with a twist, filled with either a sweet or salty cheese mixture. Dairy and delicious, these will cheese kreplach will melt in your mouth.


Make the Kreplach

1. Combine ingredients for dough, knead until smooth and soft. Divide into four parts.
2. Working with one part at a time, roll out to a quarter-inch thickness. Cut into three-inch squares.
3. Combine ingredients for desired filling.
4. Place one tablespoonful onto center of each square.
5. Fold dough into triangles. Seal edges with tines of fork.
6. Drop kreplech into boiling water.
7. Cook for 15–20 minutes. Remove with slotted spoon, drain well.
8. Prior to serving, re-warm in melted butter or in toasted breadcrumbs.  


Photography and Styling by Sarah Braun