Chicken Gizzards Over Creamed Base

  • Cooking and Prep: 10 h
  • Serves: 60
  • No Allergens

This meal may seem a bit "unconventional," but this dish does not disappoint! Economical, easy to make, and tasty, the flavors and textures of the gizzards (aka pippuks) and the creamed bean base is delicious. If the beans are not your thing, simply skip that step and serve the chicken gizzards over rice.

This recipe yields 60 servings and is meant to feed a crowd. You can decrease the amounts as needed.

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Start Cooking

Prepare the Base

  1. Soak beans overnight.

  2. Drain beans, then add to a 12-quart pot full of water. Cook for one hour, adding water as needed to keep beans covered.

  3. Add parsley root, garlic and salt and cook for another hour. Drain.

  4. Sauté onions in liberal amount of oil. When onions are deep golden in color, add sliced garlic and spices. Sauté for 10-15 minutes.

  5. Combine onions with beans. Coarsely chop in food processor or grind in meat grinder.

Prepare the Gizzards

  1. In an eight-quart pot, bring gizzards to a boil. Cook for 15 minutes, then drain.

  2. Add fresh water to just about cover and cook gizzards for one hour. Drain. Cut into bite size pieces.

  3. Sauté onions in liberal amount of oil. When deep brown in color, add garlic and sauté for 10 minutes.

  4. Add spices and gizzards. Cook for two hours over low heat, stirring occasionally and adding minimal amounts of water as necessary. Cook for two hours.

  5. Reheat bean mixture in oven. Serve as a base for gizzards or serve in a scoop with gizzards next to it.


Serve cooked gizzards in mini pastry pie shells. Can also be served over hot rice.


Photograpy by Tamara Friedman


Recipe courtesy of Simcha Chateau, Monsey, New York

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