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Chocolate Gelt-Filled Sufganiyot


Submitted by Dovi Braunstein



Add the lemon juice and milk into the bowl and let it sit for five minutes (it should get pretty bubbly).


Add the flour and sugar to the milk mixture.


Now you can start kneading the dough. (Tip: spray oil on your hands or gloves so that it doesn’t stick so much.)


Keep adding a little bit more flour until you feel the dough is a good consistency and not so sticky so it’s easier to work with.


Heat a nice amount of oil in a pan to heat up. Add a piece of peeled carrot to the pan to keep the oil clear. Once the carrot starts to sizzle, it’s time to fry!


Take a small ball of dough and fold the chocolate coin in. Make sure it is completely covered in the dough and then put it in the pan to fry.


Flip over after a few minutes and take out once the second side has had a few minutes to fry and it looks lightly golden brown.