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Chocolate Mousse

Parve Parve
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Submitted by Nechama Fogel


This chocolate mousse recipe is easy to prepare, requires only a few ingredients, and can be made in advance and frozen and then taken out & refrigerated until ready to use. It also has no raw egg yolks for those who are careful not to eat raw eggs- it is made with only the whites and that is safe to eat raw. This mousse comes out smooth & creamy every time!



Beat egg whites while slowly adding the half cup of sugar until stiff.


While that is beating, melt the bag of chocolate chips with oil for approx one and a half minutes in a microwave.


Mix the chocolate mixture until smooth & creamy. Add it to the egg white- sugar mixture & mix until incorporated.


Pour into a pretty serving bowl and refrigerate until ready to serve (or freeze).


Garnish with any topping of your choice- nuts, sprinkles, colored sugar, shred chocolate with a peeler, etc.


Even if it seems runny, it will thicken in the fridge. I usually bring out the bowl by dessert & spoon out individual portions either on nice plates or bowls. It tastes really good if you dip fresh fruit into it so I like to put out any kind of cut up fresh fruit on a platter for dessert with it (pineapple, grapes, melon).