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Chocolate-Peanut-Butter Pie


This pie takes about 5 minutes to make and is very rich and luscious. I made it for Succos and everyone adored it. Chocolate and peanut butter are always a winning combo, and one of my favorites, unfortunately! The photographer thought it was heavenly!!!! A sliver of this satisfies anyone’s sweet tooth. Thanks Rachel K.




Place whip, chocolate, and peanut butter in a pot. Mix together over medium flame until chocolate is melted and all ingredients are mixed well together. Pour onto pie crust.


When cool, decorate with chocolate curls (see note), chopped roasted peanuts, and/or an additional whipped dessert whip. Freeze until ready to use.


Remove from freezer and put in fridge for approximately half an hour prior to serving.


How to make chocolate curls: Make sure the chocolate is at room temperature for a while — it works best when it’s warm. I used baking chocolate and peeled down the side of it with a vegetable peeler. You can freeze the leftover curls for future use.