Cold Noodle Salad With Peanut Dressing

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  • Cook & Prep: 15 m
  • Serving: 6
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Thanks to the creamy peanut dressing, this Thai-inspired salad is bursting with flavor. Udon noodles are more accurately thick wheat-based Japanese noodles typically eaten in broth, similar to ramen. Here, the noodles add heartiness and bulk, and the vegetables add the perfect touch of crispiness. Serve alongside a meat dish for a complete meal.

Ingredients (15)

Cold Noodle Salad


Start Cooking

For the Salad

  1. Bring a pot of water to a rapid boil and add the udon noodles. Cook for 4 minutes, then drain and rinse well.

  2. In a large bowl, whisk together the dressing ingredients.

  3. Add the noodles, carrots, cabbages, snap peas, bean sprouts, sesame seeds, and cilantro and mix well until the vegetables are generously coated in dressing.

  4. Serve with additional cilantro and sesame seeds sprinkled on top.


Can be stored in the refrigerator for at least two to three days.

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