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Cookie Monster Ice Cream


When you think of Cookie Monster, you think of a muppet who is obsessed with cookies, right? This means when you think of this recipe, you think of an ice cream that has a ton of cookies in it. You’re exactly right.

Cookie Monster is one of my favorite cartoon characters/muppets/puppets, so when I saw this blue, cookie loaded ice cream all over the internet, I had to make it for myself. This ice cream is vanilla based with two different types of cookies in it, so it’s a well-loved ice cream for all ages.



In a large ziplock bag, add in the Oreos and chocolate chip cookies, and with a rolling pin or something else that has weight to it, start crushing them. Make sure you don’t crush them to a crumb, you want to have some texture in your ice cream.


In the bowl of your stand mixer, start whipping up the heavy whipping cream until barely soft peaks form, or until it doubles in size.


Add in the vanilla and food coloring and start mixing. If the blue color is a little lighter than you desire, add more until you get the color you’re looking for. Whisk together until stiff peaks form.


Add in the sweetened condensed milk and whisk until fully combined.


Gently fold in the cookies.


Add the ice cream to an airtight container. Freeze for at least six hours, but overnight is best.


If you notice in step three of the directions, I said to whip until stiff peaks form, but I prefer to whip it a little more than stiff peaks because once you add in the sweetened condensed milk, the peaks will deflate a little bit. This way you can get nice stiff peaks towards the end. Another option is to fold in the condensed milk without using the mixer, but using a mixer is always easier.

I use store-bought chocolate chip cookies and Oreos. You can use any type of cookies you want. I don’t recommend using homemade cookies because the soft texture of the homemade cookie won’t hold up well in ice cream.


If you don’t feel comfortable using food coloring in your desserts, no worries. Freeze-dried blueberries will be able to create that bright blue color you’re looking for.