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Cookies ’n’ Cream Sandwich Bites


Each lil’ bite explodes with delicious summer flavor!

  Yield: 28 sandwich bites


1. Prepare two small loaf pans.
2. Allow ice cream to soften for 40 minutes.
3. Pour milk into a shallow bowl and place seven biscuits inside for 15 seconds.
4. Place three and a half biscuits on the bottom of each pan. Cover with ice cream and level. Place remaining biscuits in milk for 15 seconds. Place wet biscuits over ice cream. Freeze covered for two hours.
5. Place chocolate chips and oil in a microwave-safe bowl and heat for one minute. Stir until melted. Heat up more if necessary.
6. Remove ice cream sandwich logs from freezer and place on two pieces of Gefen Parchment Paper. Pour chocolate over logs and return to pans. Freeze to harden.
7. Cut into one-inch squares and allow to defrost for 10 minutes before serving.