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Crockpot Meschi Zucchini


Submitted by Jacqueline Elbaz


I’ve taken my classic Meschi Zucchini (stuffed zucchini) and kicked it up a massive notch. I have a love affair with my crockpot (not just for chulent)…the key to amazing tasting Syrian food is the cooking time…the longer you cook it, the better it tastes! In a crock pot, you can set it and forget it!



Cut ends off each zucchini, then cut in half- to make 12 meschi.


Using either a peeler or, if you can get your hands on an actual meschi scooper( my tool of choice, can be purchased in the shuk, at Kitchen Caboodles in Brooklyn, or on Amazon)….scoop out the flesh of each zucchini, careful not to crack the shell. The flesh can be frozen and saved to use for a future dish.


Drain the rice, and mix with the chopped meat, salt, pepper and allspice. Stuff into each zucchini. If there is any extra filling, make into small meatballs called Hashu balls.


Add the stuffed zucchini to a crock pot either sprayed with Pam or use REYNOLDS crock pot liners for an easy peasy clean up. Add all sauce ingredients, filling up the tomato sauce cans 1-2 times with water (depending on the size of your crockpot), until the zucchinis are covered!


Cook Meschi on high for about 6-8 hours, then low for another 1-2 hours. End result will be perfectly cooked meschi cusab! This is a perfect Shabbat night or day meal!