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Crusted Potato Chicken

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Submitted by Leah G


Standing amidst a Pesach kitchen based heavily in processed food, I came up with this recipe for my husband and kids to enjoy in accordance with our minhag of no processed foods on Pesach. It was so well received that my family now asks me to make it year round.



Place potato starch on one dish. Mix squeezed out potatoes, (optional onions,) eggs, salt and pepper in a second dish. 


Heat oil in pan on medium/high flame. Dredge cutlet lightly in potato starch. Coat in potato mixture. When oil is hot, place coated chicken into pan. Flip over when golden brown and fry other side until golden before removing from pan. If chicken cutlets are thick, finish cooking in an oven at 350F, uncovered, for about 7-10 min. Enjoy as is or with a sauce.