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Date Bark


If you haven’t made this date bark yet, you’re missing out! It’s chewy, sweet, and salty and the perfect healthier treat. The dates create a caramel-like texture that results in the perfect chewy bite.


1. Line a baking sheet with Gefen Parchment Paper.
2. Remove the pits from the dates and check them for bugs.
3. With the back of a cup, or using your finger, push the dates together to create a big rectangle. Scoop the nut butter on top and spread over the dates. Sprinkle coconut and nuts on top.
4. Melt chocolate chips with coconut oil. Drizzle it on top of the bark, spread out the chocolate so it’s fully covering the nuts.
5. Place in the freezer until hardened (30 to 60 minutes).
6. Cut into squares and enjoy! Store in the freezer.